Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Memory Book

My Mother's 80th Birthday was in August. I wanted to make her something special that would reflect what she means to me and illustrate the influence she has had over me. 

Not just from the standpoint of being my Mother. Rather a way to tell her how I appreciate who she is and how much I appreciate the gifts she has given me. 

I inherited my love of the Arts from her, and she and I both have the same need to express ourselves through art. 

I made a memory book for her. A mix between a scrapbook and a collage.

I like to use unusual or found objects in my projects. I have a whole stash of coffee cozies in my recycled drawer in my room. I decided that they would make an interesting cover to my book. 

I  like to use unusual or found objects in my projects. I have a stash of coffee cozies in my recycled and found objects drawer. I decided that they would make  an interesting cover for my book. I sewed them together with a large zig zag stitch. I did several layers of mod podge over the front, and it created a kind of leathery cover. I then sewd a wax paper envelope on to the front, created a big tag/postcard, and tucked it in the pocket. I was going to cover them with some lovely paper, but I decided that the cups were cute. Also, another thing Mom and I share is a love of coffee.
I found images to represent her early years. Some were illustrations 
from the 30's, but I also found pictures of her old schools on the
web and used those.  

My Father was stationed in Anchorage in the early 50's.
They moved there soon after they were married. 
Eight kids!
I refrained from doing profiles of each of us.
Even though we are all a part of her,
 I wanted to concentrate on what embodies her alone.  

Family Pictures
My Mother is a Seamstress, and in the 1960's
and 1970's she sewed much of her own clothes.
She has never been afraid of experimenting with
new fabrics and techniques. 
Mom mainly quilts now, but every once in a while she'll sew
my daughter a super cute dress. She still has a very unique style.
Not just in the way she dresses, but also how she styles her home. 
More about Mom's style. She was a hip chick at the
Country Club when we lived in Illinois.
Another example of Mom's style. The skirt is hers.

My Dad loved Oregon, and
Multnomah Falls, The Gorge and Mt. Hood
were frequent sites for hiking and backpacking.
Mom and Dad were prolific readers, and
most of us are too. It was fun gathering pictures of some of her favorite books and pasting them here. I also found a bookmark from her bookstore she owned years ago. 

I added two of William Stafford's poems.
He and John Updike were two of her favorites.

 A note about how she inspires me. 

Mom has always been an artist. Oils, watercolors,
needlepoint, sewing, furniture repair, re-upholstery, and
refinishing, and much more. Just as in the love
of the written word, she instilled a love of art in each of us.  

I had to mention other loves that she and
I share. Cheese, writing, and coffee.
This project was great fun for me, especially when I gave it to Mom and saw the smile on her face. 

If you decide to make your own book for someone you love, I recommend reflecting on what you want to communicate before you start. Then start gathering images and elements to help tell your story. 

Craft on!

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