Thursday, April 19, 2012

Saying Goodbye

I entered a new stage in my career this week. I accepted a position as a Merchandise Presentation Analyst. I will be working with Buyers and Merchandise Planners to manage their product plans and fixtures. 

I've been interested in this field for years. The artist in me loves the creative presentation side of the job, and the nerd side loves the analysis end. 

What's really wonderful is that I'm entering a department that is coveted by many in our company. Not only because of the creativity that it allows, but also because the Director of the Department is a wonderfully kind, smart and compassionate man. He and his Wife have eight children and they value a life of balance.

The only downside of my new position is that I am leaving our Shoe Department where I was the Replenishment Analyst - responsible to keeping the stores stocked with shoes in the basic inventories. 

The Department is full of  fun, smart, kind women. It's a nice comfortable home, and I'm proud of what we have created there. 

I love them and I will miss them all. Here is the card I made for them. The Director of Merchandising hung the card in the window facing out of her department for all to see, which I think is super cool of her. 

I had to use a shoe!

I'm in a stage of using a 12x12 sheet of paper  folded in to a card.

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