Monday, April 9, 2012

Sick Day

I stayed home sick today. Woke up feeling OK, and quickly took a dive. This would normally not stress me out, I'd just go back to bed. But, today is my Husband's Birthday and it's my last week before I start my new job. 

Guess what I really wanted to do today? (Well, besides feel better and go to work.) Craft!! 

But I couldn't. I had to sleep.

So instead, I'll give you a glimpse in to what my day was like. 

First, this is Dieter. He is this blog's namesake. He is sweet, but he is also very conceited. Some of that conceit is warranted because he is so beautiful. 

He and his brother sleep all day, as feline's do. I got this dirty look  when I moved my legs.
I love his pink belly. He wasn't very happy that I turned him over, 

but he quickly fell back to sleep.

Belly close up.

My favorite part of his body are his pink feet. I love the white tufts of hair!

When my Husband got home, he got in to bed too. So when I woke up I had...........
and this......

as well as this.....

next to me.  The sun was coming through my windows and it looked really pretty.

I was feeling better. But the best was yet to come. 
My Somerset Life magazine came!!!! 

If you haven't ever read any of Stampington's publications, I recommend you purchase one (many places sell at least one). See their website for details. My favorite is Somerset Life, but I also enjoy Where Women Create... and their blog, and their facebook page, and their twitter updates.

In fact, pick up this season's issue!
Inside you will find all kinds of goodies. My favorites in this issue: 

A story on Christine Mason Miller, a gutsy woman who opened a boutique featuring handmade gifts in Santa Monica. 

Stacey Remiker of A Sort of Fairytale shows how you can incorporate vintage items in to your life. I found the featured pincushions especially sweet. 

Connie Fong at Artful Play made mini books with her sisters. I'd love to do the same with mine!

 So, the day wasn't a total loss! Now, off to bed!! 


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