Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Gift Giving Inspiration

How do you give handmade gifts? Do you use an assembly line process and build up stock of one item that you give throughout the year, or do you make a personal gift?

I have a stock of Thank You cards that I pull from when needed. However when it comes to personal gifts, I think of the person I'm giving it to. What they like, what's going on with them, what the event is, etc. As I did below for my Daughter's Teacher and my Sister in Law, I mix all the thoughts and feelings together to come up with my inspiration.

Last week I had the need for a last minute gift. I went to my room and got to work. The present was for a Neice, and she's at a stage in her life that she's really taking a look at what she wants to do for a career, and how she's going to define herself. She's an earthy and creative girl who has an appreciation for wonder. 

I took all of those elements and created a message in a bottle. I'm pretty proud of how cute it turned out since I made it in a matter of minutes. 

Unfortunately the first one I made broke when I was wrapping it. It was shaped with a thin neck and I loved the way it looked. I didn't have another bottle like it, so I made do with a smaller one, which I still think is rather cute. 

Next post I will give ideas on how to draw inspiration from the people and things you love. 

Filled with blue sand, fine glitter, message tied to a mini key, and little shells.

Message inside "enjoy the journey"

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