Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Continuing the discussion

Ever since I posted about inspiration I have put some thought in to the subject. I've been trying to find a magical way to describe my process - "It just grabs me" or "It felt right", but that's not it at all. 

For me inspiration can be found anywhere. For the last year most of my inspiration has come from the love I have for the person I am creating a gift. 

Recently my Sister-in-Law was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Being the smart and strong woman she is, she decided to do a fierce attack and she opted for a double mastectomy. A community of friends, family, coworkers and neighbors immediately came to her side to support her in any way they can. Tom and I felt powerless to help her and my Brother because they live in SoCal, so we signed up to brighten her day with flowers and decided to wait to see how else we could help. 

Well, my call to action came a few weeks ago when my SIL called to ask me to make Thank You cards for her. She'd looked on etsy for cards similar to what I do, but she couldn't find any, so she came to me. The only specific request she had was for lined paper inside the card to keep her writing straight. Her request was a real honor and I started to think over what I would want for cards to express my gratitude to those who had helped me in my battle if I was the one with Cancer. 

I kept her strength, love of beautiful things, and her sense of humor in mind as I designed each card for her. At first I felt a bit of pressure because I wanted everything to be "just right".  I had to make myself remember that she has an appreciation of what I do, so I need to create the way I always do. I repeated to myself, "keep it in your aesthetic". 

Tim Holtz featured his pine cone diecut on his blog a month or so ago. I happened upon a Sizzix rose die in Joann's and decided to sit in front of the TV and roll a few. This was before I received my SIL's call. By the time she called I had made about 50 in varying sizes and colors. 

Here's one of the cards I made with them. I had to make special wax paper envelopes with baker's twine as a closure to seal them in. I told my SIL she'd have to hand deliver these. You can't really see it, but there's a small "Thank you" tag tucked in with the flowers. Another Wedding embellishment from Joann's. 

This card is a variation of a series that I sold (and sold out) at the Holiday Bazaar last year.
The paper is so beautiful.
The "Thank you" tag is more of the Wedding embellishments found at Joann's. 

I love this paper!! It came out in a Valentine's Day series this year, but the local scrapbook store still had some so I bought 10 sheets.
The strip of sheet music was in a stack of miscellaneous maps and music I found at a local vintage shop.

I tried to make this really steampunk....... but my softer side came out. I like it, but I'd use brown cards next time. 

Very simple. Just more of the sheet music and sweet paper. 

I love my typewriter  stamp! I use it as often as I can. Simple "just a note" message.

I'm anxious to hear her reaction when she opens the box. I tried to keep them all simply beautiful - just like her. 

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