Thursday, January 31, 2013

Favorite Thing

Where Women Create asked facebook readers what their favorite item is in their studio, craft room, office, or work space."

This was a little tough for me, because in the last year I have made my craft room the only room in my house that is truly mine. My little oasis.  It is full of pretty things that I love to look at and tools and storage that work well for me. Tools that no one else is allowed to touch. 

An item in my room that is my very favorite is my silver tray. It’s a silver tray that features various pieces of silver on top – a gravy boat, small dishes, etc. which I keep it in the middle of my crafting table and use to hold elements when I’m working on a collage or some cards.

I’ve attached two pictures – one “at rest” where it sits during the day with my Gardenia candles. I’ve attached another of how it looks when it’s “at work”. Guess what I’m working on now??

My silver tray at rest.

My silver tray at work!!

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