Sunday, April 14, 2013

Magazine Mirror

I've had a pretty busy day already today! Planted lettuce and strawberry started, planted seeds in my seed greenhouse, and potted all my fuchsia starts!  Now I'm nursing my knee.   

I mentioned before that I will be leading a workshop at my friend Jen's shop, Curiosities Vintage, next weekend.  We will be creating a Magazine Mirror.  

Today I'm going to watch old movies and pre-roll the papers so that lengthy process will be out of the way. 

I'm using ikea Malma mirror. It looks like they only come painted now, mine are unfinished pine. The painted ones might work better anyway!

I will post pics in a few days after I get it done! 

Have a relaxing Sunday!!

Update: Here is the mirror I made earlier this week. I did it with scrapbook paper. We had the workshop today and I started another with magazines. I will finish and post it later this week. 

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