Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Commitment to this Blog

I recently posted this to my personal Facebook page. Not only to let friends know that I have a blog, but also to make a public commitment to this space of mine. 


Some of you followed my old blog, midagechick (long gone) in the pre-facebook olden-days. I closed that one down and started Orange Cat Craft a few years ago as a vehicle for posting my crafts, sharing ideas, tutorials, etc. http://orangecatcraft.blogspot.com/.  In addition to being an creatve type, (what qualifies you to call yourself an artist?), I also write (what qualifies you to call yourself a writer?). Blending the two together works for me just like a perfectly shaken dirty martini.  

I let life get in the way, however, and my creativity took a seat way in the back as commitments like school, soccer, work, home, etc. etc. got in the way. 

Last month I decided that in 2015 I will commit to the blog.  I will mold it around my creative path in life. It will reflect my truly strong belief that art and creativity can heal, awaken, fulfill, and enhance lives.  I will use the blog to communicate the reason/feeling/motivation etc. for what ever it is that I created that day.  

I do not plan to use it as a money making venture, and I do not have any plans to let Monistat or anyone else advertise on every blank square. At this time in my life, with a young child and a full time job at a large corporation, I do not see myself selling any of my creations in any public forum other than an occaisional craft fair.  

I am a woman of many interests (as many of you know), and my brain can jump from one idea to the next in a millisecond.  Have you seen my Pinterest boards? http://www.pinterest.com/midagechick/.  

One minute I can be planning a scrapbooking marathon (thought at 11:39AM this morning - will be complete by midnight), the next a "rememberlutions" craft (that's happening sometime in the next 36-48 hours), a major clean up/organization of the craft room (that's happening in the next 12-24 hours... but will probably continue for the next week), another basket making day (next weekend?), a vision board girls weekend, a Christmas in July Putz house workshop, a memory shadow box session, bottle brush tree projects, skirts, coats, PJ bottoms, embroidered dish towels, oh, and don't ever forget, no we must never forget my one true obsession with pens and papers........ my first true love........ card making.  Valentine's card making magic will happen at the end of January. 

I am going public today for two reasons. 1. It's January 1, 2015. A new year.  2. I have decided that I need to either get in or get out. Shit or get off the pot. Put up or Shut up.  Get all in.  Whatever your method of communicating the sentiment, I need to either commit to Orange Cat Craft of abandon it forever.  

You can follow me at https://www.facebook.com/OrangeCatCraft?ref=hl to see if any of my posts warrant your further attention on my blog.  :)

Craft On!!

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