Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hand Made Christmas!

Every year Tom and I tell each other that we will give hand made gifts for Christmas. Most years we just can't find the time. 

This year I put in a order with my favorite wood worker, (that'd be him), for wood crates with a vintage feel to them, with metal or leather handles. 

Being the fantastic man and wood worker that he is, he said "I think I have some wood I can use", asked me for my measurements, and headed off to his magical wood shop. 

In about an hour he was back. With a crate made exactly to my specifications. A few days later he made a trip to our neighbors forge, pounded out some hardware, and voila! We had crates. 

Next we filled them with wonderful goodies of the hand made and mass produced kind:
Tom's Pilsner and Plum Wine, my pin cushions and sachets, a little doo dad from me - one of my ornaments, a set of mini jars, or a bead bud vase. Add some himalayan salt, some chocolate covered espresso beans, some candies, cookies and tea, and blam! some awesome gifts. 

Salt... that life may always have flavor.
Coffee, Chocolate, and Wine make a normal day divine!

Lavender for luck.



  1. I loved my crate of awesomeness! Mine now sits proudly on my kitchen counter and holds several bags of coffee beans.

    1. Yay! So happy you liked it and are putting it to good use.