Monday, February 16, 2015

A Day Full Of Possibility, and a few Responsibilities

Every once in a while I have one of those days where I just want to get back in bed and spend the whole day there - facebook'ing, reading, dozing in and out, pinterest'ing, or watching "my shows" online. (I couldn't come up with a verb for that, sorry.) I'm having one of those mornings today. 

Maybe it's because it's so warm in the house and cold outside. Maybe it's because we had a tough weekend - a touch of stomach issues. Maybe it's because my work life is a little unbalanced lately. Maybe it's because Spring is coming and I've go to get outside and clean the yard up but the thought of it is exhausting.

Maybe it's because I have animals on me.....
But maybe it's just because I don't have to get out of bed....... yet.

On days when I don't have anything scheduled, I wake up making a list in my head on how I can make this day count.  I say this as I glance at the clock and it's already 9:30.  However! I have made the following progress:  Made my "To Do" list, watched last nights Downton Abbey (then became horrendously depressed because the season is already almost over), watched the trending video of  Adam Sandler and Andy Samburg's SNL 40 Short, and finally, realized I hadn't written here in a while. 

Making a day count when your days sole purpose isn't work. Hmm. What a daunting task. What a heavy weight to bear. By 12:15 if I haven't done anything that produced something of meaning, I feel incredibly guilty. 

So, let's review my "To Do" List - or better known as "My Things I Could Do Today So That at 9:30 I can go to sleep feeling good and guilt free list."

  1. Write a blog post to rid myself of the guilt I have for not writing a blog post.     Done!
  2. Shower - This is a great achievement on a day off.    Done!
  3. Get Dressed - Another great achievement.    Done!
  4. Eat something besides Baby Bel cheese and Oyster Crackers.    Done!
  5. Feed my Daughter something besides Baby Bel cheese and Oyster Crackers. .    Done!
  6. Buy some vegetables.  I took my bra off and had a glass of wine. No driving for me.
  7. Eat some vegetables. uh.....
  8. Make a friend a card. 
  9. Do a long overdue project that I promised someone a month ago that is giving me ridiculously awful pangs of guilt when all I have to do is spend a few hours learning my new serger - something that not only I REALLY want to do but is also necessary - and that one thing will put me that much closer to finishing the project and make someone happy and why the hell am I procrastinating doing something creative anyway?
  10. Do 20 minutes of Yoga. 
  11. Go for a 30 minute walk. 
  12. Eat frozen ravioli for dinner because I want to spend a day doing something more meaningful that making dinner - like watching Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg shorts.    Done!
  13. Fold the Laundry. Opted to organize my closet.
  14. Get my daughter a new phone because 35 days after having her brand new Motorola Mini she dropped it in the toilet. The Daughter wants to wait until Saturday morning to run this errand.
  15. Sweep the floor.  Done!
  16. Squeeze the husbands Mat. No, "mat" is not a code word. Get yer mind out.   Done!
  17. Begrudgingly do two pieces of work to save myself from feeling guilty even though I feel it serves the person who needs it the right that they gave it to me a week late and rude coworker behavior is one thing that drives me toward another level of burnout .Decided that I wanted to keep the day "work free", and took pictures of the craft room instead. (Future Post)
  18. Find time to read the self help book I bought when I decided to see the positive in being laid off or the other book I bought but this one is to help my body and soul, or the book club book that I'm actually enjoying, or most importantly the book I bought to make my own kombucha because it's so damn expensive and I'm worried that my scoby might go bad
  19. Talk to the husband about money. Yawn. 
  20. But most importantly, spend some quality time with my family.  Daughter wants to watch BIG. 

Wake each morning and give yourself One Thing. One thing that will bring you joy. Even if it's lying around in your PJ's and watching the first season of  a show a friend recommended you watch while you wait for the next season of House of Cards. Bringing yourself joy each day will lead to contentment and peace, which will ultimately lead to opportunities for bringing creativity in to your life. 

Even if I only get to know my new serger for one hour today, at least it's something that sets me on the path to creating something tangible and gives me satisfaction and joy. 

Can you wake tomorrow and give yourself a promise to do one thing?

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