Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Children's Activity Reignites a Creative Fire

In February half of my department, including me, was outsourced. It was an extremely difficult time, and I went through all kinds of emotions. Rage, feelings of betrayal, sadness, sorrow, frustration, anger. I started calling my old company the "old boyfriend who cheated on me". A reference they really didn't deserve, because despite ripping my stock options out of my hands and leaving my 401k matchless for a year, they negotiated some equitable compensations.

Because of my age and my status as the person responsible for the majority of our benefits in my household, I accepted the offer from the new company. After that decision, I tried my best to be positive, only to get to the new office and find chaos, poor planning and disorganization. So..... that's been frustrating. **sigh**.

Meanwhile, I've been sick a couple of times, and as a result of both of the aforementioned situations I have behaved uncharacteristically morose, stressed, and completely lacking in creativity. 

I have worked in the yard a bit and got my veggies and fruits going, but my journal pages are empty, my sketchbook is blank, cards are unmade, sewing projects are incomplete, and my will to create has been in danger of being crushed by a gigantic boulder full of pity for myself.

Anyhoo, a friend posted on my Facebook wall an idea for a Girls Night. Coloring Books!  I had thought of this a few years back when I absconded with one of my daughter's princess coloring books and used Crayolas while drinking two glasses of wine, but this mention made me realize that I needed some kind of tool to help me get back in touch with a side of me that is deeply important. 

I already had two coloring books - Matt Wayne of Be Good Monster recently published a "Book O' Monsters" and someone gave me "She Found Herself in a Cup of Coffee" (I have stopped drinking coffee, but that's a story for another day). 

I checked Amazon and picked out three pretty books (Jenean Morrison's Flower Designs , 
Detailed Designs and Beautiful Patterns by Lilt Kids, and   Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Patterns by Adult Coloring Book Artists.) that I thought would help coax me out of my pity party of one and drive me home to rekindle my relationship with my creative self. 

I pulled out my sharpies, my colored pencils, my Stampin' Up Markers, and my old Creative Memories pens. I carefully picked a black and white page that was just waiting for me to apply my wand of color, and I went to work. I outlined and filled for two hours, and I didn't need any wine to assist me! 

I highly recommend these books to rekindle your creative fire, and possibly even reconnect you with your six year old self. Or, you can use them as a drinking game. Color out of the lines, and take another sip!

Color On! 

My End Result

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