Thursday, June 25, 2015

Festive Independence Day Pennants!!

I feel that Pennants are always a festive decoration for any occasion, so I decided to make some for Independence Day. 

In the past I have made pennants with paper, and I've sewn them double sided, but this time I decided to use my Christmas present to make them, my pinking shears. 

Here's what I did: 

1. I happened to have some festive fabric left from when I made my daughter a holiday skirt years ago (no comments on the fabric hoarding. It has been seriously reduced in the last year).  

2. I measured out my desired size, in this case 12"x6", made a pattern out of cardstock,  and got to work pinning and cutting. 

3. I cut enough triangles out to make two 12' pennants, and one 15' pennant.  I determined my need with a simple calculation - 12' string of pennants = 12 1' triangles.  

I lined the pieces out on the living room floor so that I could put a critical eye to the arrangement of the patterns. 

4. Once I had the order figured out I set to making my bias tape for stringing. 
I like making my own bias tape to string pennants. I can match fabrics better than I can with packaged tape (and the packages are super expensive), and in my opinion ribbon doesn't offer enough strength against the elements. 

5. I purchased 2 yards of starred fabric. I then measured out 3" strips, and tore along the entire yardage to create a 3"x72" "ribbon". 

6. I'm fond of tearing fabric. 

7. I stitched two stands together to make a 12 foot section, then stitched on another 3' to create an allowance of 1 1/2' on either side of the pennants for hanging. 

8. Next I folded the ribbon over and created a crease down the middle of the strip. I then folded each edge in, lining both sides up to the middle crease, then pressed with a hot iron. 

9. Then I started pinning the triangles. I lined the tops up to the middle crease then folded and pressed down over each triangle and pinned. 

10. A simple topstitch along the edge and viola!, festive Independence Day pennants!

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