Monday, October 24, 2016

Halloween Rosettes

One thing I never tire of is making mini rosettes. They are so cute and versatile for decorating.  In the past I have made them and attached them to tags for Christmas, as Valentines, or for Spring cards. 

I kind of cheat in my process, though, because I use a Tim Holtz Sizzix Die. Before I had this, I tried to score and fold the rosettes, but they would very easily fall out of alignment, resulting in a lop sided rosette. The die also allows me to cut a great deal of them out in a matter of minutes. 

I have been feeling a little blue lately, and I've been trying to sneak creativity in whenever I can, because making something always makes me feel better. This week was productive with pads and cutting out pillows, but I often have craft ADD, and once I realized next week is Halloween, I decided to pull out some papers and get started on some decorations and gifts. (Full disclosure, ideas to create often involve a trip to the art supply store, and collage always has yummy Halloween and Day of the Dead items, so I had to visit there for more paper).

We haven't bought pumpkins or brought down the decorations yet! We meant to yesterday, but my husband wasn't much in to it. So, I took my papers, retreated to the craft room to cut the rosettes, punched out some circles, grabbed the glue, and folded and rolled while we all watched The Frighteners. 

Halloween 2016 Rosettes

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