Monday, October 17, 2016

Scrapbook Paper + Tops 3x5 Memo Pads = Cuteness

I love paper. It could be newspaper, books, Printer Paper, journals, sketchbooks, stationary, legal pads, flash cards, handmade cards, store bought cards, envelopes, and more. You name it, I love it. I even love Toilet Paper. It serves it's purpose. I especially love paper when it's fresh, crisp and and new with no signs that any other human has touched it.  I love paper so much that I have amassed a huge collection of scrapbook paper. I will never use all of it, so last year I found a great way to put the scrapbook paper to good use. 

I bought a huge box of Tops plain 3x5 memo pads from Amazon. There are 168 pads per box. This year I did it again. I used a portion of them for vendor gifts and Swag Bag gifts at Scratch Made Market. I will use the remaining 80 to sell at the Grout Elementary Holiday Bazaar.

l cut out at strip of scrapbook paper to cover the front of the pad, and 1/4 way down the back. I glued the paper on at the top, and on the back of the pad with Alene's glue. I made sure the paper was flush to the top of the pad, and that the back had a good amount of glue on it. Be sure to always watch your glue quantity. Paper only needs a small wipe with this glue to stick. You can hold it with a binder clip for a few minutes if you're concerned. 

After the cover dries, I decorate the front with images, sentiments, little flowers, sequins, or whatever other little elements I have around. (I have so many drawers of ephemera I could make thousands of pads).  

This process serves two purposes. 1. I use up scrapbook paper to take a boring ugly duckling plan pad and beautify and personalize it.  2. I will have made a difference in someone's life. Who knows? They might be able to reach for their one of a kind, crisp and new note pad that they have in their purse or pocket, and write a note that will change their life.

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