Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Pleasure of a Sunday Crafternoon!

One of the best things about having a Crafternoon with a group of your favorite women is not the end result of your work, but the chatting and connecting that occurs when you're all together. It is especially sweet when you haven't seen some of them in months. Catching up for 5 hours in one another's home is much more satisfying than meeting for Happy Hour in a busy and loud restaurant bar and rushing to catch up in two hours. Today was especially fun because my Mom and my sister were able to join us. 

One of the realizations we had today was that we all hadn't been together for a major Crafternoon since Day of the Dead crafts almost a year ago. A few of us made Valentine's at the beach in February, but I cancelled my Christmas in July due to family activities. Thankfully I can reschedule that event, though it will be probably be called "Made from scratch holiday cards" or "Give something handmade for once". I have a whole ton of Christmas and Winter papers and doo dads that we can all use to create some super cute greeting cards. 

Connecting and letting each other know how much enjoy spending time with one another is such a satisfying way to spend a Sunday.  We used The Sits Girls tutorial. They are SO easy. If any of you are planning a wedding, they are a wonderful decoration. We are using them to decorate the ceilings at Scratch Made Market! I can't wait to see how they look!  

Paper Bag Stars for Scratch Made Market

Pads for my booth at Grout Elementary Holiday Bazaar

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