Sunday, May 12, 2013

What do you do when you're recovering from knee surgery?

1.  Use a Martha Stewart heart shaped punch to cut out hundreds of shapes.  Once you have that many, make a garland? For what? Who cares!? You're on pain killers! 

2. Paint some canvas bags. 

 3. Get a phone call from one of your friends. She needs your help recruiting Artists for the upcoming school Plant Sale. And some decorations. And some "Make and Take" crafts. 
Pennants for decorating. 
Make Mother's Day cards to sell.

Make some plant markers to sell for 25 cents.

Put together some Teacher Appreciation gifts to add to the "Love Baskets". 

I had a lot of fun doing all of those things. 

The plant sale was yesterday. We had a great time!

Reason 986 of why I love my Craft Room:

Who needs Hallmark?? 

I just head out, pick out some elements, and a wonderful personalized card is done in minutes! 

Our favorite thing early on a Spring morning? Bird Watching!