Monday, August 15, 2011

 My Nephew passed away on February 5th, so there wasn't much inspiration to finish my Valentines. However, his death inspired me to do something for my sister. 

I have been accumulating Starbucks, Stumptown, and First Cup cup sleeves in my RRR drawer, with the intent of using them one day. I've used a few on cards, but I was looking for something original. I was visiting my second favorite store, Paper Zone, and one of the artists had made a Valentine's mini book out of two of them. 

I started by cutting two sleeves to the same width and length. 

I then reduced the size of pictures of my Nephew and printed them on vellum and card stock, and included divider pages and pages with quotes about children. 
I used office supply binder rings to bound the book together. The Paper Zone artist used ribbon, but I hope that this book will hold up better with the rings. 

I lined the back of the book (the corrugated side of the sleeves) with pretty paper.

I stamped the front of the book with a "Memories" stamp, and added a bit of antique lace to the top. 
I then created a wrap for the book out of another thinner sleeve, and covered it with glitter modpodge to prevent splits

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